Charles Nesson on Trevor Rhone

Prof. Nesson has written a mini trip-report about Trevor Rhone’s visit to the Harvard campus last week.  I was lucky to have the chance to spend time with Trevor on his visit.  He is a lovely, gentle, thoughtful, interesting man.  His reading of the Bellas Gate Boy on Friday evening was tremendously moving.  A one-man play, it worked very well in the intimate space of the Adams House Lower Common Room, drawing in the audience to the string of vignettes that comprised the story — in which Trevor tells his life story in ways that are at times funny, self-deprecating, occasionally surprised at his own successes, deep when called for, engaging always.  If you’re ever in Kingston, you should see if it’s running (Becca and Wayne have seen it twice this Spring, I understand).  Or, perhaps, back here in Cambridge, MA, if we’re fortunate enough to get him back here.

(So, what does all this have to do with Internet law, you ask?  Well, not all that much.  But it was great theater.  And it was a successful first venture of the Harvard-Jamaica Association, which Charlie started, and grew out of our work on ICT and development in Jamaica, which is focused on the use and distribution of media through the Internet.  Call it the “Society” part of “Internet & Society”.) 

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