on blogs battle has covered, at least three different times, the topic of the transfer of the RSS 2.0 spec from UserLand to the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, and its subsequent re-release to the public via a Creative Commons license.  The third of those pieces is now running, with a heavy focus on a personality clash.  I can’t help but see this focus as fundamentally misguided — and as something other than “news.”  The high road, and the productive road, here is to put personalities aside and pay attention to the very real substantive issues on the table in this discussion.  The substance that seems to matter most is some combination of the following: openness on the Net; interoperability; true consumer and technologist choice; and effectiveness and stability of the technology.  (Are we saying anything inconsistent with, say, the W3C’s seven principles?  Are those principles the right ones?)  I’m sure there are more factors, but each of them, at least, strikes me as more important than a flame war.