"Copyright" notice in new Yahoo! feed's Terms of Use

Check out the terms of use section in Yahoo!’s announcement of its new RSS 2.0 feeds (which, as a general matter, is terrific news).  They effectively grant to individuals and non-profits a license “for personal, non-commercial uses” and “ask that you provide attribution to Yahoo! News…”  They also reserve “the right to require you to cease distributing these feeds at any time for any reason.”  I’m surprised at how much the license sounds, in effect, like a Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial” license, but is not one — and by how terse the statement in the terms of use is.  The (cc) license would do one thing that this terms of use does not: it could embed the license in the feeds themselves.  Maybe they wanted to do something slightly different than what the by-nc license achieves, in terms of being able to pull back rights and/or limit use of the name and logo in a very precise way.  I can’t tell if the terms of use was written by an uncharacteristically self-controlled lawyer or if some technologist decided not to show it to anyone in the counsel’s office. 

In any event, the decision to release these feeds is a cool one.  I applaud, loudly, what Yahoo!’s trying to do here.

Update: Dave makes a nice point, that I missed in my first pass, in the comments field below: when exactly is attribution required?  With every otherwise infringing use of the material, or just if blogging it or displaying on the web as part of an aggregation of syndicated work, say?