Post-I&S internet & politics conference posts

Here are a few worth checking out:

* Global Voices next steps, especially Joi Ito’s post as well as Hoder’s wiki

* CNet’s Matt Hines on the business panel of Friday

* Jon Garfunkel’s extensive personal reax to the conference overall

* Very nice parting words from Craig Newmark of craigslist

* Dave, over all three days, leading backwards from here, with a great deal on comparative conference styles

* David Weinberger’s excellent days and days of blogging, ending here

* Jeff Jarvis, including sharp comparisons between days/styles, in agreement with Dave Winer (read back from here)

* Susan Crawford on the cost of attention and many other good (if critical!) themes

* Lots of great posts from Micah Sifry at PersonalDemocracyForum

* The Register’s Andrew Orlowski: here and here

iLaw in the former Soviet Union

On the other side of the I&S ’04 conference and the other side of the Atlantic, I’m in Tallinn, Estonia, about to start the first iLaw program in the
former Soviet Union.  We’ve got a terrific group of advanced
policy activists from Eastern Europe and the CIS, admitted by
application, here for a modified version of our 5-year-old Internet Law
program.  Rafal Rohozinski (University of Cambridge and a partner
of ours at the ONI) will handle the first lecture, and then into
telecommunications policy with Jim Dempsey (CDT) and Jane Coffin (on
assignment with US AID in Armenia), and end today with internet policy
and the debates over internet governance at WSIS and elsewhere around
the world.