At lunch at Webcred

The WebCred conference this morning was lively and fun, but/and very
civilized.  Not much red meat out there.  I’d say that
bloggers and the cross-over types, talked way more than
journalists.  Most of the discussion focused on what’s great about
blogs and citizen journalism and the opportunity of the technologists;
second-most, I’d say was about the crisis facing journalism; and not
all that much about journalists defending their profession or taking on
the perceived or real shorcomings of the blogosphere.  I suspect
that there’ll be something of a shift of emphasis as we move on to new
topics and as the Shorenstein team picks up the moderating duties.  (Great live-blogging in many places; see esp. BuzzMachine.)

Judith Donath, prof at MIT, is talking about signaling and reputation.  Join the
IRC channel and/or the audio webcast.  We’re endeavoring to bring
in comments from the IRC where we can, as we did in the morning session
with a few comments from Hoder.  What are the repercussions
online, with respect to links and other elements of the web, of not
being credible?

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