Jim Moore's Edge2.0 Top10

Jim Moore, my partner in various efforts and a former Berkman fellow, wrote up his experience in creating his own Top10 list, which anyone can do as a public aggregator, and comparing Top10Sources and Technorati Top10 lists.

My own Top10 is here.

Another cool thing is the whole tree of OPML sites that Doc is making from his notes for BloggerCon IV, as a search result in OPML Search.

(Disclosure: Top10 and OPML Search are beta sites in which Jim Moore and I both have an interest.)

"How to Make Money" BloggerCon session

We didn’t start from scratch this morning in talking about how to make money session at BloggerCon IV, and I think the un-conference group made a lot of progress in exploring the topic. (Dave had duct tape over his mouth.) Dan Farber of ZDNet has got a rockin’ round-up of the session, complete with loads of photos. Doc has his amazing outline in real-time of what was said. And the whole thing is available in mp3 format (along with all the others).

Here’s an outline of suggestions people have made — before, during and after — for the “How to Make Money” session:

  1. Making Money By Blogging
    1. Run ads
      1. On your own site
        1. Text/images on your site (BlogAds, Adwords/Adsense)
        2. Sponsorships on site (TechCrunch, or the “Be Mike Arrington” strategy)
      2. In feeds (Feedburner)
      3. In a podcast (Chris Pirillo)
      4. In a vlog (Rocketboom)
    2. Put other thing on your blog that generate money for you
      1. Classifieds (EdgeIo “listing” tag)
      2. Other feeds (Stylefeeder feed)
      3. Affiliate program (e.g., from Amazon with books or other products)
    3. Put up a tip-jar on your blog
      1. (Some) people at BloggerCon said they’d contribute to you (IT Conversations).
      2. Lean into the micropayment movement — it might be $10/year (Dan Farber’s suggestion) or it might be much less — make both possible
    4. Get hyperlocal (Lisa WilliamsH2OTown, Nashville is Blogging)
      1. But maybe we need a new, easier way to give pizza parlors the ability to post ads, for which they’ll pay a higher cost per click/impression/whatever than what they will through Google Ads.
    5. Join a network of blogs
      1. Federated Media: John Battelle approach
      2. Pajama’s Media, Corante, Weblogs.com
    6. Sell your feed or other content itself to publishers (will someone pay? Gather, Squidoo)
    7. Generate payment via aggregators and revenue-sharing (Feedshow)
    8. Promote a specific product or products (Manolo shoe blog)
    9. Give it to charity (Goodstorm, as retold in TechCrunch)
  2. Making Money Off of Blogging
    1. Sell software, services (whether or not you blog)
    2. Blog to brand yourself (establish trust, credibility, relationships, goodwill), then…
      1. Sell consulting
      2. The Dave Winer solution (no ads, get famous, sell a pinger or the like for millions of dollars)
      3. Host a conference (Blogher, Gnomedex, Web 2.0 Conference)
    3. Sell search etc. (Technorati, Feedster)
    4. Become a VC (make money off of other people’s work)
    5. Make money for other people, like charities, through the leverage of your blog

A Wired story about BloggerCon mentions the How to Make Money session. Frank Paynter has posted lots of good stuff in the lead up to the conference and in covering sessions like the Emotional Life of Bloggers.

Post a comment with suggestions for more examples to add to the list and I’ll try to keep the outline up-to-date.

(Disclosure: I have an interest in a few of the companies above — Stylefeeder, Edge.io — and am a part-time investor in other entities that are included by reference above.)